PerySmith Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Sonic Pro XP6

RM819.00 RM449.00


PerySmith Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Sonic Pro XP6

RM819.00 RM449.00


  • XTREME CORE FILTRATION TECHNOLOGY: Empowered with the all-new multi tunnel Xtreme Core Technology, the system creates strong centrifugal forces allowing precise filtration by trapping the fine dirt and dust in the cyclone to filter dust up to 99.97% efficiently for clean air output. The tunnels reduce the workload of the HEPA filter and making it reusable permanently.
  • 22.2V HD LITHIUM-ION BATTERY: Powered by 22.2V HD Lithium-Ion Battery for optimal cleaning performance with up to 45 minutes of run-time.
  • SMART INVERTER MOTOR: Smart Inverter motor with a high speed of 76,000rpm, delivered powerful suction through cordless cleaning.
  • DETACHABLE MOTORIZED FLOOR BRUSH & DUST MITE BRUSH: The motorized floor brush effortlessly picks up dust. Dust mite brush for cleaning your bed and other soft surfaces. The brush is easily removable for maintenance.
  • SWIVEL STEERING: Agile design seamlessly swivels around furniture and other obstacles at home.

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Weight 2.38 kg
Dimensions 685 × 125 × 275 cm

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