PerySmith EcoChef Deep Frypan 30cm

RM379.00 RM177.00


PerySmith EcoChef Deep Frypan 30cm

RM379.00 RM177.00


  • Made in Korea
  • The newest innovative coating from Korea has a totally different concept of coating structure. Specifically, its thickness can be made over 50 microns, whereas a normal coating consists of 25-30 microns. It is over 2 times thicker than traditional coatings and normal coating material cannot be made this way since it could easily crumble & crack with its thick layers.
  • In addition to the basic 3-layer coating structure, 2-3 colored spatter coating particles are piling up to form a close-packed structure with high density onto a mid-coating layer. This makes the coating far more durable and able to last over twice as long compared to normal PTFE-based coating.
  • It has an excellent non-stick feature that guarantees convenient cooking and easy cleaning. Furthermore, it can pass an abrasion test of 1,000,000 cycles, has no harmful ingredients to the human body, and complied with FDA and LFGB regulations.

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